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This section describes the terminology used with jingles. Jingles can make any broadcast sound great.

ACAPPELLA - This term describes a jingle as being one without music, just a voice (usually singing).

BED - Normally the part of a jingle or music in which you can talk over.

BUMPER - Music used to start and end a program.

CHANT - Normally a phrase or sentence that is softly spoken by a vocal group.

CUSTOM JINGLE PACKAGE - A jingle or jingles tailor-made to your requirements. The process involves recording the vocals, adding any necessary backing music and mixing the lot together.

DEMO - A CD which is normally available and free from jingle companies giving you an idea what they can do. There style may be what you're looking for.

DONUT - A section of music in the middle of a jingle which is intended for you to speak over.

DRY - A term often used to describe a vocal only jingle that has no music.

EDITING - Collecting the vocal, music and sound effects (SFX) and removing unnecessary gaps, fine-cutting the data to it's minimum.

EQ - Which stands for equalization. A piece of hardware or software which allows you to alter certain frequencies of noise. You’ll find an EQ at most commercial (and even some hospital) radio stations where (amongst other uses) they are used to alter and tweak a presenter’s voice so that is sounds pretty good on air.

JINGLE - What about the glossary of the word jingle? Well, quite simple really. It means a musical phrase, song or message that is played and one which usually sticks in your mind.

LOGO LINE - This term usually refers to the name of your station that may be sung or played instrumentally.

LYRICS - These are the words that are contained in the jingles. They can be sung or spoken.

MASTER - The final jingle or jingle package. It can be delivered on compact disc (CD), digital audio tape (DAT), mini disc (MD), cassette tape or even the old (but still used in many stations) ¼ inch reel-to-reel tape. More company's now deliver using an ISDN connection straight into the radio station complex.

MIX - The process in which the vocal, music and sound effects (SFX) are all blended together to produce the finished jingle.

RAMP - A section of music at the beginning of a jingle, which can be talked over before the vocal (which is normally sung), comes in.

PROTECTION COPY - A back-up of the master jingle package which is kept at the jingles company for future referral.

SHOTGUN - Terminology used to describe a fast-paced, short jingle that could be your logo, for example.

SLOGAN - The phrase which describes your station. For example, “A Better Music Mix From 106.9 Atlantic FM”.

SYNDICATED PACKAGE - A pre-recorded standard music package that can be used by other radio stations – the only change made are the lyrics and vocal talent, which are added over the top of the music.

VOCAL GROUP - The people who are used for singing, speaking shouting or chanting jingle lyrics.